Italian shopping is not just buying things of the highest quality, but also a special pleasure for those who love fashion, the atmosphere of this amazing country, wants to find his own style or to get the actual branded things. A great opportunity for lovers of shopping the regular sales that take place in Rome. A few weeks of the best price, the hype that will be remembered by visitors.

Sales in Rome, 2018. When arrive

The exact dates of the sales in Rome simply does not exist. They always take place in summer and in winter, around July and in January-December. As a rule, immediately after the end of the winter sales, the local authorities announce the schedule for next year, and he becomes known around the world. Therefore, the sale here is not a natural phenomenon, but a carefully thought out and planned event. To get into the city during this period will have time almost every average season of shopping here lasts from 5 to 8 weeks.

For example, in 2017 summer sale was held from 1 July to late August, and winter will begin January 6, 2018 and will end only in early March. Such a long sales season attracts a huge number of tourists, not only from other countries, but of the cities of Italy. Therefore, you should carefully plan your trip in advance and book a hotel or rent an apartment, and also to consider the route of movement. You should be ready to hype even around the small shops in the city center and on peripheral streets.

The size of discounts

If you have the desire to buy things at the best prices, you should come to Roman sales at the end of the deadline. In the first week sellers are willing to offer prices 20-30% lower than usual, but by the end of the period the price tag will not exceed 20 percent of the initial value. But be aware that a buyer with a standard medium size clothes and shoes are unlikely to find something here. On the other hand, people with extravagant taste and those who are willing to bypass all the shops in search of a couple of things, will be able to indulge in the most profitable new clothes.

Branded stores offer minimal discounts at the same time visitors here more than anywhere else. You can even deal with the phenomenon of street of the queue from which to store people enter in small groups. In Rome a huge number of interesting flea markets, copyright stores, small boutiques in the distance from the center. The prices are initially lower than in branded salons. The quality of the local producers, the sophistication of their taste is sure to delight shopaholics.

Unfortunately, many dishonest sellers are the large influx of tourists and literally entice buyers who do not know Italian language, beautiful signs. Visitor of the city it is worth remembering that these seasonal sales are always marked by two standard words, Saldi or Sconti. For such Windows and hiding those great prices that are available only twice a year. During this period, you should definitely look for stores with the words Elimination, this word is not difficult to learn and Italian language — Liquidazione.

What to remember

When planning a hike on the Roman shops, should take into account the mode of operation. Almost all boutiques have a break for lunch, it starts at 13.00 or 13.30 and lasts one hour. Rare shops are not satisfied with such a midday rest. Early in the morning to go shopping and not worth it, the shops here start to work from 10 a.m., closed in winter earlier than usual, about 19 o’clock in the evening, summer work until 22.00.

Works here and the system tax-free. When buying, be sure to ask the seller to affix the appropriate stamp on the check, then it can be present at the airport to receive compensation. The document can be mailed to the address of the company that deals with VAT refunds.