A stone’s throw from the center of Rome, between Via Vittorio Veneto and Villa Borghese, you will find, an elegant, two level space which holds the perfect combination of contemporary and traditional Italian architecture. Once inside the door, a carpet of Carrara marble defines two levels; one with a smaller entrance bordered by a golden molding, and another larger, finished with black marble from Portovenere. The array of colors have been carefully selected; the white with its base that diffuses light, the black which absorbs some surfaces and corners enhances the contrast and finally the golden which lights up the space and completes the design with sophistication.

The curtains of organza gold, produced by the Italian factory “Damascus”, adorn the main living room, where the wooden movable wall (whose design is reminiscent of wainscoting and articulated walls of the artisan tradition of Italian woodworking) automatically opens to reveal the ‘ technological aspects of the project.

Behind the big mirror that extends the space beyond the limit of the physical wall, a TV is hidden and by pushing a button another curtain opens leading to a second environment. A white wooden box, enveloped in marble and glass, defined and framed by four led ceiling bands.

The white open space is invaded by the steps of the staircase, black marble Portovenere stairs, surrounded by a golden wall rendered with “Gold Leaf”. The stairs creep into the gap between the walls and leads to the upper floor, divided into two rooms; the first space welcomes, invites you to relax, then continuing on to the even larger bedroom. A high black glass wall organizes space, multiplying the lighting and objects and opening to another dimension, while defining the intimate atmosphere of the large bathroom. It is embellished with elegant décor and SPA, made in Italy, produced by Catalan and by Gessi, with an all-marble shower. A second larger room accommodates the bedroom, the real heart of the project. Two large wooden walls are home to cupboards and service areas while preserving the lightness and continuity of space.

At the center of the custom-made bed there is an embellished, gold, elegant, and suspended canopy. Two large mirrors face each other, one behind the bed and another on the opposite wall, multiplying and extending the space in all directions, opening the white box and guiding ones gaze over the threshold of the wall. The main feature of the project lies in the combination of the elements, using strong Italian tradition, space and the use of materials, from marble to wood to curtains, with all modern amenities such as an air conditioning system, and home automation system of appliances as well as home management.

A discussion in itself is the lighting integration within the project. The light cuts horizontally and vertically, allowing the design of the space to come through, bringing out the colors, while using exclusively FLOS designer lamps, which give the impression of true works of art brightening the spaces assigned to them, and helping to place this small corner of the Eternal City directly among the most comfortable and contemporary residential areas one in which you might have the good fortune to stumble upon.