Italy is a country which attracts from year to year, an increasing number of tourists, captivating them with its beauty and mystery. Major Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Verona twice a year with seasonal sales. These cities are teeming with boutiques and shops with very different products, of excellent quality and at an affordable price.Распродажи в Риме 2018

Rome – the great “Eternal city”, one of the oldest in Europe. According to historians and archaeologists, with its recorded history spanning nearly 3 millennia. The top of the greatness of this civilization was during the Roman Empire, when the streets sedately strolling dressed in togas, the citizens, and the Grand amphitheaters were held spectacular performances and gladiatorial fights, chariot races. And today, the city remains vibrant, unique place, invariably attracts tourists from all corners of the globe.

You’ve always wanted to visit Rome? Apartment rental or apartment will be an excellent and inexpensive alternative to the state-owned hotel rooms. Due to the large number of options are available to choose the perfect place to stay. You can rent a spacious apartment with views of antiquity or a small, homely Studio. Every traveler will find their place in Rome, where he was waiting for a real journey in time. You will get the opportunity to close touch with a rich culture and great history. What attractions should certainly explore in the “Eternal city”?

Colosseum (amphitheater of Flavius) is considered to be the most iconic Roman landmark. This amphitheater was built in 8 years, from 72 to 80 years BC, is located in the heart of the Italian capital. Its length is 187 meters and a width of 155. The ruins of the Colosseum is the epitome of urban life of bygone days.

Roman forum – a unique monument of the time of the ancient era. It combines the ruins of several ancient administrative buildings, including the building of the Curia (there were meetings of the Roman Senate), the temple of Vesta, the sacred House of the vestal virgins, the Basilica of castor and Pollux, the temple of Emperor Maxentius, temple of Divine harmony and other interesting objects.

The Pantheon was built during the reign of the great Emperor Augustus. This Grand architectural monument is a kind of incarnation of the cult image of Rome. “The temple of all gods” adorned with ceremonial portico with Corinthian columns.

St. Peter’s Basilica is inside the Vatican. On its creation worked for several generations the greatest masters of the middle Ages and Renaissance, among them Bramante, Raphael, Michelangelo, Bernini.

The Palatine hill is among the famous seven hills on which Rome stands. It is considered to be the oldest hill where according to legend, suckled by a she-wolf brothers Romulus and Remus began building a great city. Here is a two-storey Museum Antiquarium in which the audience is presented miraculously preserved and extant ancient sculptures, mosaics and bas-reliefs.

The Trevi fountain is the largest fountain in the Italian capital. It is part of the facade of the Palazzo Poli and was built by architect Nicola Salvi in the Baroque style in 1732-1762. Sure to throw a coin in the amazingly clear water of this fountain, coming there directly from the keys, and then you would definitely return to this amazing city again.

Piazza Navona is a cozy ancient town square, the place where the air is literally saturated with the spirit of antiquity. The square was built on the site of the stadium of Domitian – a kind of center of Ancient Rome, built in the 1st century ad. Here you can spend an hour or two, relax in one of the many cafes along little snack before to start exploring this wonderful city, one of the most beautiful and picturesque in Europe.